22 Quotes for Church Leaders, From My Time With Perry Noble

Anyone that follows me on twitter or facebook probably noticed that I spent time at NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC last week. Perry Noble is the pastor of this growing church. They are expecting 40,000 people to attend their Christmas services this year! They are experiencing rapid growth during a time when overall church attendance in America is in decline.

I had an amazing opportunity to spend time with Perry and his staff, for some in-depth leadership training. 50 pastors from around the world, met in an intimate setting with the leaders from NewSpring. I have never experienced such hospitality and service from a group of people in my life! These top-notch leaders of a dynamic church took time to build in to us and our churches over a three day timespan. Their volunteers and leaders are simply amazing!

If you aren’t healthy, nothing you lead will be healthy
I took a book of notes from Perry’s talks on leadership. Several quotes just lept out at me. I wanted to share some of them with you all. I could never re-create the experience, but I would love to give you a snapshot of what it was like to learn from Perry and his staff. Now, no one does it quite like my good friend Brian Dodd. But, here’s my list of 22 leadership quotes from my time with Perry Noble:

  1. A divorce lawyer is way more expensive than a babysitter…make date night a priority
  2. Those who will not work are lazy…those who will not rest are disobedient
  3. Church leaders need someone who can let them cuss
  4. Too many church leaders are answering questions that no one is asking
  5. If you aren’t excited about church, you can’t expect your people to be excited about church
  6. Don’t assume that they will show, that they know, and that they will grow
  7. Be about the numbers. Every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story matters to God
  8. Growth is intentional, not accidental
  9. The best workout PLANS are ineffective if they aren’t followed
  10. Church was never intended to be an institution…it was a movement
  11. Your church is 2 to 3 major changes from doubling in size
  12. Change is NECESSARY for growth
  13. If the church i
    sn’t moving FORWARD, it is dying
  14. Love always assumes the best
  15. Pastor…give unfettered access to teammates that love Jesus, love the church, and love you…in that order
  16. Cancer that is left unattended, spreads
  17. Prevent defense sucks…we are called to run up the score
  18. Taking risks will either fire people up, or tick people off
  19. God will never ask us to do anything easy
  20. If we aren’t willing to be uncomfortable, we will eventually be unfaithful
  21. Listen to God, do what He says

I could go on and on…

Church leaders, get to know Perry Noble and the NewSpring team. They are driven by their mission to help advance the kingdom of God by resourcing churches and helping pastors.(for a quick read about the hospitality of NewSpring’s volunteers, check out my friend Brian Dodd’s post on an experience he had in Anderson, SC…click here)

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